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Chronic sewer gas odor problem in your Home?

Sewer gas is created by the decomposition of waste materials that are found in public and private sewer systems and private septic systems. The characteristic odor can be overpowering and it is toxic. To add further insult to injury, the gas is explosive as it often has a methane component..

Cracks in either plumbing drain lines or vents pipes can be a source of sewer gas leaks. If the crack is in a drain line, you often see an associated water leak. But vent pipe cracks are far more elusive. They can leak vast amounts of sewer gas and you might not be able to locate the source easily without a special testing of the system.
Smoke Testing
Sewer gas leaks can be quickly discovered by performing a smoke test. The smoke is simply visual and does not create a lasting odor nor does it stain any surfaces in a house.

Once the machine starts, it begins to slightly pressurize the plumbing system. If there is a cracked pipe or a fitting joint that is loose, the smoke readily exits at that point before it would bubble up through a fixture trap filled with water. Usually the source of the sewer gas leak can be discovered in less than one hour. depending on the amount of vents and fixture units in the building.

A smoke test should be performed anytime  the plumbing system has been expanded and or fitures have been relocated, or after a major remodeling job.
Why Smoke Test Plumbing Drains ?
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