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When you have your drains cleaned, by us or anyone else, make sure to have the line video inspected to ensure that a good job was performed. This video sewer inspection will let you know if the problem was a large one that will return and needs to be repaired now, or a small one that doesn’t need any more special attention. Cabling or hydro-jetting a sewer line is a maintenance act. It is not a repair and many companies simply poke a hole in the stoppage so that they can come back and charge you again in a few months. Ideally, drains and sewers should never stop up. They are designed to be self-cleaning. If you are having regular or reoccurring stoppages then it is time to find out why. When we perform any drain cleaning simply ask for a video inspection of the sewer with one of our cameras. It’s on me, you don’t need to spend a single penny. it's Free. 
We warrantee all Drains we clean or clear.